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Come see Kristin's work in person during this 6 week invitational exhibition including a benefit and gala for the Albuquerque Museum of Art.

View select photos of Kristin from the Opening Receptions on June 1 & 2, 2018.

View Kristin's iconic work as part of an exhibition that examines adornment in New Mexico dating back to 450 CE.

Join Kristin for an exhibition that examines the important work of pollinators and pollination.

View a series of photos from the Opening Night Reception at Mariposa Gallery.

Join Kristin and 3 former/current students of Diener Studio who are now represented by Mariposa Gallery.

Join Kristin and 16 other artists working in various mediums at The Sanitary Tortilla Factory.

Join Kristin and 18 other brilliant artists for a benefit for Art Street/Healthcare for the Homeless.

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Come see literature and jewelry intersect at the Signs of Life 2016 show featuring work by Kristin.

View a slideshow of Kristin's artwork on display in the Albuquerque Museum in an exhibition of 12 artists chosen by over 2000 studio visitors.

Come see an exhibition featuring work by Kristin along with a companion book by the same title.